TGNY100 2021 Covid-19 Protocols, UPDATED MAY 8, 2021


TGNY100 will take place as scheduled on June 19, 2021 at 5:00 a.m. We will, however, make some adjustments due to Covid-19. Please read the following protocols.


Masks: All runners must have masks or face coverings with them at all times, and they must be worn over the nose and mouth at check-in, at the start, at the aid stations, and at the finish after finishing, and definitely if entering any store or business establishment. They must also be worn when in close proximity to other people, particularly crowded park or street areas. Runners should make every attempt to keep at least six feet away from people you pass by.

Hygiene: While running, please be mindful when coughing, sneezing, spitting, snotrocketing, or crying. Please do these things away from other people (although you are allowed to cry near your support crew or pacer).


Deferral/Cancellation: Any registered runner, including local runners, who would like to defer their entry until 2022 for any reason may do so without further payment of any fees, if you notify the Race Director by June 5 by email at We will try to keep an eye on travel restrictions, but it is up to the runner to be aware of their own situation. The cancellation deadline of April 15 still applies for a runner who would like to cancel altogether and receive a refund, minus $25. The wait list will not be rolled over or deferred to 2022. Transfers are not allowed.

Please refer to the official New York State Covid travel advisory page for the most up-to-date information about travel into New York. NYS Travel Advisory


Check-in: We will again have optional (but recommended) Friday evening check-in/packet pick-up at a location, probably in midtown Manhattan, to be determined. It will not be a hotel room. We will ask runners to pick up their packet and not linger or socialize at that location.


Start: We will start in waves. Each wave will consist of ten runners, and waves will start two minutes apart, with the first wave starting at 5:00 a.m. Waves will be assigned generally according to expected finish times or best times provided on your entry, with faster runners starting last. Starting times will be announced at least one week prior to race day. Runners will be given 100km/100 mile finish times based on their starting time (“chip time”), and cutoff times will also be determined by the runner’s starting time. All runners will have 16 hours to reach 100 km from their start time to continue on, or 30 hours from their start time to receive a buckle. (Note: we will have a strict 16 hour 100 km cutoff this year to continue on for 100 miles. Those who reach 100 km between 16-18 hours will receive a 100 km finish.) Please email the Race Director at if you would like to be in the same start group with other runners.


Runners are encouraged to get to Times Square early, especially if they need to check in, but you will be asked not to gather in the immediate start area until five minutes before their start time. Any runner who misses their start time will start with the last group.


Aid Stations: Our incredible volunteers will provide a safe, healthy, and refreshing experience for you at the aid stations. Runners and volunteers must have masks. Water and Gatorade will be available as usual, and food items will be provided in individual servings, without hands reaching into bowls. Please be patient with the volunteers and the other runners at the aid stations. And while we want the runners to get what they need, we ask you to be aware of crowding, and not to linger at the aid stations longer than necessary, including the 100 km station.


Finish: For those finishing at 100 km, we ask you to not linger longer than necessary. If you need some time, we may ask that you step away from the immediate aid station area, but of course let our volunteers know if you need any assistance. For the 100 mile finish, we will be using a different hotel this year, the Hilton Garden Inn on 42nd St. east of 7th Ave. (We used this hotel in 2015.) The hotel room will NOT be available to the runners this year. Your bag will be kept there during the race and brought down to you by a race volunteer. Of course we love the celebrations at the finish line, but we may ask for some social distancing. Please be cooperative with the Race Director and volunteers at the finish.